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Automation, digitization and structural change - the global economy is in a state of upheaval. According to the World Economic Forum, 54% of employees need significant training and retraining to be fit for the future. In the age of digital change in particular, the key to success often lies in the social skills of employees and managers.

According to the World Economic Forum, 54% of employees need substantial training and retraining to be fit for the future.

In workplace studies, it was found that 90 percent of people with high performance also have a high Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ). On the other hand, only 20 percent of employees with poor performance have a high EQ. *Emotional intelligence can be improved through training.

Global corporations such as Daimler, Cisco, BASF, PayPal, Allianz and McKinsey are using the power of horses in employee development. From Frankfurt to Johannesburg and via Bangalore to San Francisco, thousands of employees have already been successfully trained with the unique HorseDream® methodology.

90% of the top performers in the company have a high EQ.*

EQ can be improved through targeted training and self-reflection - that's what our method is all about.

*Book „Emotional Intelligence“ 2.0 by Travis Bradberry.

Successful Method

It's about social skills, communication, teamwork and leadership. The globally successful HorseDream (EAHAE) methodology was developed in Germany specifically for companies and their employee development needs. Currently more than 300 trained HorseDream trainers and coaches worldwide are enthusiastic about HorseDream and together with the horses they teach topics such as empathy, negotiation skills, delegation and other competencies in a unique way.

EAHEA Scheme

Sustainable and Strong Results

Experience effective communication and emotional competence in an impressive way and see how much power there is in you and your employees! Instead of theory, our seminars focus on the targeted implementation of cooperation, communication and leadership strategies.

From Good to Better: Even executives with decades of experience appreciate the feedback from the horses because they are offered individual solutions and a new perspective.

Build competence for the future

How do you promote the potential of your employees?

International customers give Feedback

We support international companies in offering their top managers and valuable employees new insights and a unique learning experience. From Bangalore in India to Dubai, from South Africa to the West of the USA, we have inspired hundreds of employees with our innovative horse training method.

“The noble horses in connection with the exercises to the leadership competence make completely new ways of the dynamic learning possible.”
Nicholas Small - Cisco

Why Horses?

Immediate Feedback
Horses give honest and genuine feedback within a second! The participants become aware of their appearance and effect through the clear feedback of the animals. This enables people to adapt their behaviour or strategy based on the horse's reaction. Through this (self-) experience, participants learn quickly and sustainably.
Self Reflection
Horses reflect behaviour, body language and even intentions. The animals have a clearly structured social behaviour and react very sensitively to verbal and non-verbal communication, even the smallest changes in breathing are perceived. This enables the participants to consciously perceive their own authenticity and to gain deep insights into their own behaviour patterns. Instead of an evaluation of the participants, the training focuses on self-reflection of the employees and thus greatly increases the acceptance and integration of the seminar contents.
Training Methods
Through a video analysis with the trainer, improvement potentials in handling and behaviour patterns are clearly visible for each participant. In competitive sports, video analyses are used specifically to improve the technique and this is also an important component in our seminars.

Previous knowledge:

No previous knowledge with horses and also no special fitness are required. Participants of all ages are welcome.


Safety is our priority. The participants receive a safety instruction at the beginning of the seminar and are always accompanied by a trainer with decades of horse experience. The exercises with the horse are designed in such a way that the safety of the participants comes first.

Goal-oriented modules


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Change Management

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Individual Coaching

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Train the Trainer

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Meeting new challenges with
high motivation


I don't like animals. What can I do?

Many of our participants had no previous contact with horses or animals in general. We don't aim to win new animal lovers - but only to use the horse as an instrument and mirror to improve communication, emotional competence and leadership quality. Some of our seminar participants had made negative experiences with dogs or horses before our seminar - due to the professional care these fears generally subside within shortest time with the horse.

Fell off a horse?

Maybe you've fallen off a horse before. Don't worry, our seminars and events are not about riding. The exercises with the horse take place almost exclusively from the ground - but we also integrate one or two exercises on the horse at the customer's request. The exercises on the horse are supervised by experts with many years of experience and the suitable horses are selected in advance. The safety of our seminar participants is our first priority.

Why horses and not dogs?

Horses are flight animals and live in nature in a herd with similar hierarchical structures as we know them in companies. What fundamentally distinguishes horses from dogs is their relationship to humans: Dogs protect their owner and or family, while horses follow human partners based on their body language and social competence, but do not protect or defend them. Similar to a behaviour between employee and manager: The employee will follow the instructions of the manager if the latter has communicated clearly and a good relationship has been established. If there is a breach of trust or if the manager overtaxes the employee, the results suffer. The horse behaves in a similar way to the employee.

Training again?

Yes! A very special experience seminar. Keep your finger on the pulse of the times and gain a new perspective and deep insights into your work!

What makes us unique?

There are hundreds of possibilities for team and communication trainings as well as different providers of horse-supported seminars. What makes us unique is our international experience (from America, Dubai, South Africa and India) as well as relevant work experience in the automotive industry, IT service industry, sales and business coaching. We are energetic, at the pulse of time and love challenges.

Team training with the horses, isn't the horse superfluous?

There are a lot of team trainings that aim to improve cooperation skills. The horse offers a great added value because it reacts independently of the group dynamics to the behaviour of the participants and immediately shows them where it hangs. In contrast to humans, horses are not impressed by words, (empty) promises, outward appearances or positions and titles - you can only win the animals over through authentic communication, trust, empathy and motivation.

Exclusive locations

We invite you to get to know the enchanting ambience of the venues. An environment far away from the everyday office buildings and conference rooms.
Here you can gain new perspectives and extraordinary experiences. The physical well-being will be taken care of and even in bad weather there will be enough space to hold the seminar with the horses in the indoor arena.
Fohlenhof Ebbs is the world centre of the Haflinger horses and is located near Kufstein. Accessible within one hour from Munich, 20 minutes from Rosenheim and 45 minutes from Innsbruck and the city of Salzburg. The Austrian Horse Centre Stadl-Paura organises equestrian events for riders from Austria and abroad. With an extensive park and several indoor and outdoor arenas, the centre offers space for hundreds of horses and visitors. Accessible within an hour from Linz, Passau and the city of Salzburg. Gurhof Castle is located in the middle of the Dunkelstein Forest, a few minutes' drive from the Wachau. The historic location accommodates a riding club as well as a modern event centre with a special flair. Accessible within one hour from the city limits of Vienna, and 15 minutes from St. Pölten.

Ready for a unique seminar experience?

„For the first time, I have perceived how I affect others.“

„Sincerely thanking improves the relationship by 100%.“

„I've come across a whole new side of my colleagues.“
„Focus and goal orientation are extremely important.“

„Building trust begins with a leap of faith.“

„The horses have made the effects of our actions visible.“

...some AH experiences from our seminars!