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HorseDream® – The Brand and Method

HorseDream® – The Brand

HorseDream® is a pioneer in horse training and the first company to specialize in management seminars with horses.
G&K HorseDream GmbH was founded in 1996.
One year later the brand HorseDream® was registered.
In 2004 the European Association for Horse Assisted Education (now EAHAE International) was founded; it currently comprises 400 members, 300 certified trainers and 150 HorseDream® partners on all continents of the world.

We can't determine the wind direction, but we can set the sails correctly.

HorseDream® – The Method

HorseDream® is due to the combination of recognized and proven management methods with horses as co-trainers a profound, intensive and above all lasting continuing education, which penetrates into the inner layers of the ego and being and brings them into consciousness. The seminar contents based on „The Integral Vision“ by Ken Wilber, „Conscious Business“ by Fred Kofman as well as the contents of Bruce Tuckman, Hans Christian Altmann, Paul Hunting and David L. Cooperrider, paired with the intuitive and unbiased social behaviour of the horses; they become the bridge of the I and thus the objective reflection of the SELF. The reactions and the resonance of these animals give you a clear feedback on your own body language, your appearance, your authenticity and presence. In the interaction with the horses it is possible for you to work on these potentials, to implement them better and to develop your personality further. Theory and practice are directly interwoven in the HorseDream® seminars, so that you can leave and expand your comfort zone stress-free.

HorseDream® - The Corporate Approach

HorseDream® is the only method with horses that deals directly with management seminars and has been continuously developed in this area over the years. It is now part of the curriculum at several colleges and universities of business administration.