Increase your competence with fun

Are you looking for a unique incentive or an exciting large group event, which at the same time deepens the competence of each participant and promotes the company culture, paired with unforgettable ah-moments but also fun and entertainment? Whether as a kickoff meeting, as a motivational event for your company or as a finale at the end of the year - with a group event/incentive with horses you are exactly right here, which is individually tailored to your needs.

Communication, movement, momentum - this is your code to success for a successful team event, kickoff meeting, project start or similar. The horses loosen up the atmosphere, promote mutual acquaintance, authentically expand communication and open up new energies. The horses act here as key openers and catalysts, expanding the comfort zone, creating a feeling of cohesion/herd unity and enabling the development of common strategies. We completely adapt the content to your needs.

  • Teams & Groups from 25 to 100 Persons
  • Events with a duration of 2 to 4 hours
  • Company
  • Organizations, Chambers and Associations
  • Sports groups, national and international
  • Project teams
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • NGOs

Readiness for the incentive with horses as well as openness for the experience
horse experience is not necessary. The whole event will take place on the ground.

Normal physical fitness
Comfortable casual wear and sturdy shoes with a good sole.

You can change the future with what you're doing today.
Author Unknown