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Over 80% of our communication is non-verbal, so it's body language. Horses as social herd animals are able to mirror and reflect the human body language, so that one is aware of one's own authenticity and at the same time it is expanded and optimized.

They can improve soft skills, discover resources, build strengths and competencies through this exceptional training. All this is reinforced by experiencing, feeling and feeling - the horse acts as a catalyst - without tiring role plays.
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    • 5. Sep.: Trial Seminar Gurhof
    • 6. Sep.: Trial Seminar Stadl-Paura
    • 16. Sep.: Trial Seminar Stadl-Paura
    • 11. Okt.: Trial Seminar Gurhof
    • 17. Okt.: Leadership Seminar Colorado
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Seminars with horses as co-trainers are a very effective and above all sustainable method to become aware of one's own non-verbal communication, to recognize potentials, to improve leadership and team competencies and to authentically strengthen and anchor one's own presence.

In doing so, horses penetrate value-free and unconsciously into the deep layers that normal coaches cannot reach, and thus manage to get the participants out of their comfort zone and let them go new ways away from the worn patterns. These Aha-experiences are pioneers for personality development.

The seminar contents are conceived on basis of The Integral vision of Ken Wilber, Conscious Business of Fred Kofman as well as contents of Bruce Tuckman, Hans Christian Altmann, Paul Hunting and David L. Cooperrider and correspond with it modern and success-proven management methods.
For the seminars no horse knowledge is necessary! It is about people, horses are only the mirror and form the bridge.
Fate sometimes only shows you the ways you can go, not the ways you want to go.
Önder Demir

Why horses?

Horses are organized in a social association of the herd, in which a certain order of precedence prevails. The lead animal bears the responsibility for all, the life of the entire group b depends on it. Therefore horses only follow the lead animal, which authentically conveys strength and leadership charisma, respect and experience, credibility and respect, trust and 100% presence. It is the same when people interact with horses. Horses are not interested in whether there is a doctor or a manager. Horses follow the person who represents these leadership qualities in their personal appearance. The body language plays the most important role, since horses mainly communicate with each other via it. The horses serve as a mirror of one's own personality because they react impartially and without judgement.


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