Change Management

Change with trust and motivation

Change processes are necessary to survive in the market. It is the people who often have problems with restructuring measures or their implementation of new technologies and processes. This is precisely where the horse-supported seminar comes in, in order to understand the process, to motivate employees and to discover positive possibilities in change, in order to be able to participate creatively.
„We must be the change we want to see in the world.“ A quote from Mahatma Gandhi, which says: If you want to influence and control change in the company, in your team and also in your life, then you have to be the change yourself. Learn to take on the leadership role in change management authentically and self-confidently. The horses will guide you and show you how to do this successfully. Learn to recognize and interpret the subtle nuances of human beings and to build a sustainable culture of willingness to change. The corporate mantra today is agility - the ability to react quickly to change, not as an individual, but as a team. The readiness for constant change is the basic prerequisite for lasting success.

  • To see change as an opportunity for renewal and improvement
  • Overcoming fears and resistance
  • Sensitizing the senses to human boundaries
  • Positive attitude to change
  • Tools for Designing Change Management
  • The will to shape change as a basic prerequisite for success
  • Awakening curiosity as the basis for change
  • Change Management as Process and Philosophy of Life
  • Emotions and Resistances in Change Management
  • You are the change, the horse is your mirror, your I is the change
  • Creating an agile corporate culture

Reorientation of the company; mergers & acquisitions; start-ups and new business units; mediation of new technologies and processes; digital business transformation; project support and project teams; teams in change processes; etc.

Readiness for the experience seminar as well as openness for learning.
horse experience is not required. All exercises take place from the ground.

Normal physical fitness
Comfortable leisure wear and sturdy shoes with good soles, as the practical exercises take place in the indoor riding arena or the riding arena.

The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it was and hope that something will change at the same time.
Albert Einstein