Improve leadership qualities with authenticity

Leadership qualities are directly linked to authentic appearance. The ability to recognize how to specifically support and deploy employees in their competencies and strengths in order to lead them to peak performance without over- or under-challenging them is what a leader is all about. In the seminar your own strengths and personal resources are illuminated, with the goal of optimizing mindfulness and assertiveness and of using goal-oriented. Experience on horseback how easy it is to create sovereignty using only body language and at the same time create trust. Gain further insights into the different leadership styles and leadership cultures through this experience seminar, expand your leadership skills and anchor your authenticity sustainably. So that the respective guidance authority works authentically, congruence between the internal statement and the body language must be manufactured. Role clarity and differentiation are a must for good leadership. Also the emotional connection on the different relation levels (vocational, technical, hierarchical) should be produced professionally and in appropriate way.

  • Enhance leadership competencies and leadership skills
  • Authentic use and development of body language
  • Improve assertiveness, empathy, and mindfulness
  • Gain insights into interpersonal relationships and levels of relationships
  • Understanding and utilizing the diversity of your employees
  • Strengthening self-perception and the perception of others
  • Gain insights into different leadership styles and cultures
  • Understanding leadership behaviour and learning to use it in a targeted way
  • Getting to know resources and expanding them in a goal-oriented way
  • Transfer into the everyday life guarantee by Aha experiences, paired with theory input
  • Contributing to the success of the company with a credible management culture

Managers and executives (national or international) of all levels and company sizes, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, HR managers and personnel developers, junior executives.

Readiness for the experience seminar as well as openness for learning
horse experience is not necessary. All exercises take place on the ground.

Normal physical fitness
Comfortable casual wear and sturdy shoes with good soles, as the practical exercises take place in the indoor riding arena or on the riding arena.

It's not enough to know, you have to apply; it's not enough to want, you have to do.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe