Team Building

To grow as a unit beyond borders

This team experience is a special way to shape team spirit, build and strengthen trust, and give each team member the right place to increase efficiency for your business. The team receives an initial impulse which motivates your employees in a sustainable way, promotes the abilities, the commitment and thus the personality of each individual and at the same time increases the willingness to perform for the company. By this personnel development measure by means of aha-effects in training you strengthen the approval, harmony and creativity of your employees. You create an environment in which each participant builds trust in himself and others, feels comfortable and learns to work according to his talents. The willingness to cooperate and compromise is strengthened, a sense of responsibility is promoted and a new collective consciousness is created, which facilitates the finding of solutions and thus increases the success of your company. Achieving a goal together gains central importance, improves productivity and stands for the added value of your company.

  • Strengthening team spirit, harmony and approval
  • Constructive communication through the implementation of a feedback culture
  • Development of the skills, motivation and empathy of your employees
  • Promoting a sense of responsibility
  • Improving willingness to cooperate and compromise
  • Building trust in oneself and others
  • Impulses for the further development of the team as a unit
  • Willingness to resolve conflicts and problems
  • Creation of collective consciousness
  • Transfer to everyday life through aha-experiences, paired with theory input
  • Sustained increase in your company's productivity

Executives with their teams, project teams, new teams to be established, M&A support for team building, sports teams, departments, associations and specialist groups, internationally oriented teams, integration of apprentices and young professionals.

Readiness for the experience seminar as well as openness for learning.
horse experience is not required. All exercises take place from the ground.

Normal physical fitness
Comfortable leisure wear and sturdy shoes with good soles, as the practical exercises take place in the indoor riding arena or in the riding arena.

Bruce Tuckman Model
Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.
Henry Ford